Amika Wizard: #1 Summer Styling Product

Summer is in session! Time to break out the sunscreen and smoothing primer ; ) There's no denying that the humidity in Corpus is off the charts, and with that comes the dreaded FRIZZZ.  One of our favorite products to combat that every day frizz is the AMIKA WIZARD styling primer. Its a multi beneficial hair product for all hair types, however it works best on thicker textured hair. For  Ladies with finer hair, we have some  great tips on how you can still use this fun primer, just stay tuned! 

The Wizard is hands down our #1 Seller for hair styling and our favorite go to product. It has tons of benefits! One of the main benefits is its nourishing properties. It contains a special ingredient called the Buckthorn Berry that's packed with Omegas 1, 6, 9, & 7 along with vitamins C & E, these ingredients help to protect your hair against breakage and split ends. Wizard also contains avocado oil to keep the frizz away while adding a healthy shine.
It is called a primer because it is meant to be sprayed on before you begin styling your hair (prime the hair before styling). Once applied, it will help to detangle stubborn hair and also reduce your blow dry time. Its multi-benefit ingredients will prevent thermal damage from your blow dryer, flat iron, or curler when used correctly. It will not protect your hair from leaving your flat iron or curler on the same spot for too long, we have all seen the YouTube videos. (Laugh Out Loud!)

So lets get to it! When using the primer, one of the main tips is to always focus on spraying the mid shaft to the ends of the hair. The wizard works best on towel dried hair, and remember a little goes a long way with this particular primer! So for the ladies with fine textured hair you"ll want to spray the primer in the palm of your hands then apply mid shaft to the ends of your hair. Once you've sprayed or have worked in the primer its time to smooth with your blow-dryer or hot tool. You will immediately notice the frizz free shine!


We tend to get a lot of the same questions here at Salon Divine. One of them in particular is, "What is Balayage, and how do you say it?"

Balayage (pronounced BAH-LAY-AHJ) derives from France, a word used to describe the hair painting highlighting technique in which the color or lightener is applied in a sweeping motion to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. Most guests mistakenly refer to this as "ombre", but the technique used to achieve the ombre look is called Balayage. Balayage was first discovered in France in the 70's, but didn't make its debut in the U.S. until the 90's by, who else, celebrities! It allows the client to have that California-Beach-Girl hair that is ever so popular among celebs, today. The sun-kissed look that Balayage delivers is a more natural and grown out effect that requires little to no maintenance in-between salon visits. It is the most popular technique taught and learned among stylists and has now revolutionized the salon industry. There are many different techniques that have derived from the original technique of Balayage that many stylists use to make it their own. That is why you should research your stylist and their work on social media, to ensure that you have found the right stylist who can accomplish the look you desire!

Another question we tend to get asked is, "What's the difference between Foil Highlighting and Balayage?"

Foil Highlighting is a very uniformed, pattern-based look that lightens your hair from the root to the ends, generally using heat to speed up the processing time. This technique usually requires a 6-8 week touch-up as the root growth tends to look more harsh. Whereas, Balayage uses a more free-hand technique that is softer at the root and progressively gets lighter towards the ends. Balayage is commonly used with no heat, allowing the client to sit for a longer processing time. Since the lightener or color is applied gradually, Balayage doesn't have to be maintained as often and can last 3-4 months. It can also be customized from subtle to high contrast, depending on your preference. You can see the different Balayage varieties in our photo scroll below, all done here at Salon Divine.

Each technique has its pro's and con's, it all just depends on what YOU want as a guest, and which technique will enhance your features. All of our stylists are highly trained in Balayage and are constantly attending classes to learn different techniques. If you're still unsure about which technique is best for you, our stylists will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have at our free consultations! -Salon Divine

5 Important Questions to Ask Before Your First Hair Color Service

1. Do you have a portfolio of previous hair color pictures done at your salon?

                Pictures speak a thousand words. A salon or stylists’ portfolio should be your first impression before you even step foot in the salon. Save that photo! It is also helpful to your stylist to provide a variety of pictures of celebrities or photos from Pinterest/online so they know what your expectations are. Keep in mind, most images online are Photoshopped or the model could be wearing extensions or a wig, but don’t fret! Your stylists will point that out at the time of your consultation and guide you towards your dream hair!


2. How much experience does my hairstylist have with hair color?

                 It’s always important to schedule your appointment with a stylist who has extended knowledge in hair color. Here at Salon Divine, all our stylists take extensive color classes to ensure the quality of our work. We make sure you walk out loving your hair!


3. Is there going to be a consultation before the service?

            Make sure you book your initial appointment as a consultation. That way, you get to know your stylist and to make sure you both are on the same page when it comes to your hair goals. Typically, during your consultation your stylist will go into depth about questions or concerns that you may have. It will also allow the stylist to break down the service and price point for you. Here are a few important points that should be covered during your consultation:

  • Whether your hair color style is achievable. If not, what are the proper steps to achieve your hair goal
  • The length of time required to perform the color service
  • The total cost of the color service
  • How to maintain and upkeep your hair color


4. Is it possible to achieve the look I want?

            Although this question will be answered during your consultation, your stylist will work with you and properly educate you throughout your service. Everyone's hair has a different story. Some people have thick/coarse hair, some have thin/fine hair. Some have pre-existing hair color, and some have virgin hair that has never had a color service. Just remember, these things will affect the outcome of your color service. It is in the stylists best interest to achieve your hair goals while keeping the integrity of your hair in mind. Multiple sessions may be required, which may include in-salon treatments and take-home hair care.


5. What does my service include & how much will it cost?

            Nobody likes to be surprised at the checkout counter, which is why your stylist will provide you with a breakdown of the total services towards the end of your consultation.

If you are interested in reserving your next hair color appointment with us give us a call 361-980-8800! We will be happy to help you achieve your hair goals : )


2017 Fashion Week Hair Style Update: SURFER WAVES

Fashion week has arrived in New York and so have the latest hair style trends! We all know some of the looks can be a bit over the top, so we took the time to look through a few hair styles we felt are more practical and easy to DIY at home. We LOVED this style dubbed SURFER WAVES. It is a great everyday casual look that is extremely low maintenance. Not to mention it goes perfect with Corpus' beachy culture.



Hair Products Needed: Davines Volume Boosting Mousse & Davines Sea Salt Texture Spray

*Before you begin, your hair will need to be lightly damped (naturally or by using a towel)

Step 1: Apply the volume boosting mousse in the center of your palm to the base of your scalp using your hands to work it through your hair evenly. 

Step 2: Then spray 3 pumps of the sea salt texture spray evenly from the middle to ends of your hair. (Using your hands to "scrunch" it upwards from your ends to base evenly)

Step 3: Lightly blow dry and continue to scrunch hair until desired look is obtained!

*For fine hair or to create a more drastic wave, after step 2, you can put your hair into two separate buns until hair dries naturally then let down.

Q&A With Our Owner Yolie

Our owner and lead stylist, Yolie, is the definition of a work horse. If you know her, you know she never stops! Most days, she doesn't take lunches because it is important to her to fit in all of her devoted guests that have been with her since she started her career. She is a great example as a boss, and someone who all of us look up to in our career and we couldn't think of anyone other than her to dedicate our first Q & A!

What inspired you to become a hairstylist?
-I've always wanted to do it! I used to style my dolls hair when I was little. I never dreamed I would ever leave Corpus to be educated several times in New York, Chicago, Seattle, California, and all over Texas.

Where was your favorite place for education?
-New York because of the fashion, the diverse cultures, and different styles. Everything is alive, and  the city never sleeps.

What drives your passion for hair?
-The instant gratification we give to our guests when they love their hair. Making them feel beautiful and confident drives me. It amazes me how you can change someone's confidence by changing their hair!

How long have you been doing hair?
-Since 1981. (We quickly did the math...) Oh my gosh, that's 35 years! Haha!

When did you open your first salon?
-In 1996, it was called Salon Diva. We had 6 stylists and 2 nail techs.

In 35 years, how has your career changed?
-We went from paper to computer! From writing paper tickets to everything being computerized...oh and also, the internet! It has influenced and evolved all of my guests who come in such a positive way! 

One major challenge as a stylists in your 35 years?
-Always trying to keep up with the latest trends. And also, getting my guests who have been with me for so long to try new things and get out of their comfort zones. 

What are your top 3 favorite products and why?
-1) Davines Oi Milk---it's organic, the delicate scent, makes your hair so soft and healthy.
2) Amika Wizard---it's a must have for the kind of humidity we have here in Corpus! It's magic!
3) Shades EQ Color Gloss---there's no other product like it! It conditions while coloring your hair and it's so universal, everyone could use it!

What do you like to do when you're not doing hair?
-Play with my grandson, Rhett. I cycle, go to the gym, and I like to do yard work.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
-Still doing hair!

How long do you plan on continuing your career as a hairstylist?
-Until I physically can't do it anymore!



The Must Have Winter Hair-Do

The Long Bob

Also referred to as the "Lob" has been dubbed the hairstyle of the year for 2016. As seen on many celebrities, this universal hairstyle is flattering for a variety of different face types, complexions, and hair types. It adds texture to your hair that you can wear straight & sleek, wavy, or messy. You can also add balayage highlights for a beautiful color contrast that is sure to grab everyone's attention. 

This stunning look is also easy to style. Use a large barrel curling iron with no clamp and wrap large sections of hair around once or twice, holding on to the end of the piece so that it doesn’t get curled. Curling just the mid shaft means super short styling time. Perfect for all the upcoming Holiday events. 

Scroll through our gallery to find your perfect combination!



Brazilian Blowout: Fighting the Frizz

The heat and humidity in South Texas is no joke! No matter how many "anti-frizz" products you use, or how long you take straightening your hair, walking outside leaves you with a head full of frizzy, un-manageable hair. If you have curly, kinky, frizzy, fine, damaged or coarse hair, 
we’ve got you covered. The Brazilian Blowout service is the answer to all your prayers!

What is a Brazilian Blowout, exactly? It's a 90 minute smoothing treatment that improves the condition of your hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. There is absolutely no down time, so you are welcome to take a shower or throw your hair up and head to the gym after your service. What's even better is the intensity of the shine you get from a Brazilian Blowout! 
Who wouldn't want that?!

If your hair is wavy, the Brazilian Blowout will make your hair appear naturally straight and healthy. If your hair is very curly, it will minimize frizz while enhancing the appearance of the natural wave/curl. If you have straight, frizzy hair, this treatment will eliminate frizz and add a healthy shine.

It doesn't stop there, the Brazilian Blowout can be paired with colored/highlighted hair as well! You may be thinking, "Ah That's a lot of chemicals" But believe it or not, it actually improves the health of processed hair by conditioning the hair while sealing the cuticle for enhanced color, reduced frizz, and radiant shine.

How long does this magical goodness last, you ask? Up to 12 weeks when properly maintained using the Brazilian Blowout shampoo, conditioner, and/or deep conditioning masque. We highly recommend protecting your investment by purchasing the maintenance products that are specially designed to restore the proteins from the Brazilian Blowout treatment with each wash. Other brands of shampoos and conditioners will tend to strip the Brazilian Blowout treatment, which would have just been a complete waste of time and money. 

If by now you've decided to take the leap, make sure wherever you decide to have your Brazilian Blowout treatment done is a Certified Salon. At Salon Divine, you can always come in for a free consultation with our certified Brazilian Blowout stylists that would be more than willing to address any further questions or concerns you may have! -Salon Divine

 Below are two after images of a Brazilian Blowout Service.  





Latest Trends: Blonde and Vivid Fashion Colors

Lately, we've been getting a lot of requests for drastic color changes. Often times, guests will sit down in a stylists' chair and show them a picture of Khloe Kardashian's platinum blonde hair or a picture of mermaid rainbow hair. Yes, those pictures we see on Pinterest and Instagram are beautiful, but they can be misleading. What clients don't understand is the process of getting their hair to that outcome. Most of the time, the model in the photo is wearing extensions or the photo has been highly edited. 

Our first recommendation for drastic hair color, is to come in for a free consultation with one of our stylists. During the consultation, the stylist will evaluate your hair and determine the proper steps in order to achieve the look you desire, while maintaining the integrity of your hair. Like a bank statement, you hair keeps a history of all the chemical services you've had done from box color to highlights. The stylist can determine the history of your hair by doing a test strand which will also tell them how high your hair can be lifted. In other words, the test strand will tell the stylist how light it can get with one application of bleach. If your hair doesn't lift as high as you would like to achieve, your stylists will recommend breaking your services into sessions. That way, you will eventually get to where you want to be while still having healthy, beautiful hair. 

Going blonde or having bright fashion colors is a time consuming and expensive process. This is something guests should consider when booking appointments and requesting prices for these services. Not to mention, those toners/fashion colors are temporary and will often fade after two or three washes. Which leads to regular in-salon visits in order to maintain the color.
Another factor in contributing to color maintenance, is the kind of shampoo and conditioner you have at home. Most of the shampoo and conditioners you find on grocery store shelves are either A) Not of good quality and filled with harsh chemicals that may strip out the color/toner or B) "name brand" that have been bought in bulk and have expired shelf lives. So, we do recommend buying in-salon products to protect your investment and to also lengthen the life of your hair color.

Don't get us wrong, we don't want to scare you into NOT doing what you want! We love doing crazy fun things to our guests hair, but it does come with a lot of time and money...and also, upkeep! We just wanted to inform our guests that if they have the patience, the look they want can be achieved and we will be happy to help! -Salon Divine

Welcome To The Salon Divine Blog!

Hi Everyone, Welcome to our Blog!


We want to kick off our first blog post by introducing ourselves,

     We are a locally owned and operated hair salon in Corpus Christi Texas. Our services range from cuts to extreme fashion hair color (see our Gallery for our latest do's). We opened back in 2009 off of Alameda & Eldon Rd. There we learned to grow our business and hone our craft. In the process we also discovered our mission, to insure that every guest that leaves our salon feels their very best (our Reviews say it all! Thank You All). We recently relocated to the Southside of Corpus Christi in September of 2015, where we continue to carry out our mission. Our new location has a modern chic style with plenty of room to grow and our Stylists continue to stay on top of the latest trends by attending continuing education classes year after year. We invite you to explore our website (if you haven't already) for more information on all of the services we provide and more about our salon.  If you would like to book your next appointment with us call 361-980-8800 or you can send a request HERE. We look forward to seeing you!


Stay Tuned to our Blog for more Hot Hair Topics, Product Reviews, Salon News, Education Updates, & The Latest Hair Trends!