2017 Fashion Week Hair Style Update: SURFER WAVES

Fashion week has arrived in New York and so have the latest hair style trends! We all know some of the looks can be a bit over the top, so we took the time to look through a few hair styles we felt are more practical and easy to DIY at home. We LOVED this style dubbed SURFER WAVES. It is a great everyday casual look that is extremely low maintenance. Not to mention it goes perfect with Corpus' beachy culture.



Hair Products Needed: Davines Volume Boosting Mousse & Davines Sea Salt Texture Spray

*Before you begin, your hair will need to be lightly damped (naturally or by using a towel)

Step 1: Apply the volume boosting mousse in the center of your palm to the base of your scalp using your hands to work it through your hair evenly. 

Step 2: Then spray 3 pumps of the sea salt texture spray evenly from the middle to ends of your hair. (Using your hands to "scrunch" it upwards from your ends to base evenly)

Step 3: Lightly blow dry and continue to scrunch hair until desired look is obtained!

*For fine hair or to create a more drastic wave, after step 2, you can put your hair into two separate buns until hair dries naturally then let down.