Amika Wizard: #1 Summer Styling Product

Summer is in session! Time to break out the sunscreen and smoothing primer ; ) There's no denying that the humidity in Corpus is off the charts, and with that comes the dreaded FRIZZZ.  One of our favorite products to combat that every day frizz is the AMIKA WIZARD styling primer. Its a multi beneficial hair product for all hair types, however it works best on thicker textured hair. For  Ladies with finer hair, we have some  great tips on how you can still use this fun primer, just stay tuned! 

The Wizard is hands down our #1 Seller for hair styling and our favorite go to product. It has tons of benefits! One of the main benefits is its nourishing properties. It contains a special ingredient called the Buckthorn Berry that's packed with Omegas 1, 6, 9, & 7 along with vitamins C & E, these ingredients help to protect your hair against breakage and split ends. Wizard also contains avocado oil to keep the frizz away while adding a healthy shine.
It is called a primer because it is meant to be sprayed on before you begin styling your hair (prime the hair before styling). Once applied, it will help to detangle stubborn hair and also reduce your blow dry time. Its multi-benefit ingredients will prevent thermal damage from your blow dryer, flat iron, or curler when used correctly. It will not protect your hair from leaving your flat iron or curler on the same spot for too long, we have all seen the YouTube videos. (Laugh Out Loud!)

So lets get to it! When using the primer, one of the main tips is to always focus on spraying the mid shaft to the ends of the hair. The wizard works best on towel dried hair, and remember a little goes a long way with this particular primer! So for the ladies with fine textured hair you"ll want to spray the primer in the palm of your hands then apply mid shaft to the ends of your hair. Once you've sprayed or have worked in the primer its time to smooth with your blow-dryer or hot tool. You will immediately notice the frizz free shine!