We tend to get a lot of the same questions here at Salon Divine. One of them in particular is, "What is Balayage, and how do you say it?"

Balayage (pronounced BAH-LAY-AHJ) derives from France, a word used to describe the hair painting highlighting technique in which the color or lightener is applied in a sweeping motion to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. Most guests mistakenly refer to this as "ombre", but the technique used to achieve the ombre look is called Balayage. Balayage was first discovered in France in the 70's, but didn't make its debut in the U.S. until the 90's by, who else, celebrities! It allows the client to have that California-Beach-Girl hair that is ever so popular among celebs, today. The sun-kissed look that Balayage delivers is a more natural and grown out effect that requires little to no maintenance in-between salon visits. It is the most popular technique taught and learned among stylists and has now revolutionized the salon industry. There are many different techniques that have derived from the original technique of Balayage that many stylists use to make it their own. That is why you should research your stylist and their work on social media, to ensure that you have found the right stylist who can accomplish the look you desire!

Another question we tend to get asked is, "What's the difference between Foil Highlighting and Balayage?"

Foil Highlighting is a very uniformed, pattern-based look that lightens your hair from the root to the ends, generally using heat to speed up the processing time. This technique usually requires a 6-8 week touch-up as the root growth tends to look more harsh. Whereas, Balayage uses a more free-hand technique that is softer at the root and progressively gets lighter towards the ends. Balayage is commonly used with no heat, allowing the client to sit for a longer processing time. Since the lightener or color is applied gradually, Balayage doesn't have to be maintained as often and can last 3-4 months. It can also be customized from subtle to high contrast, depending on your preference. You can see the different Balayage varieties in our photo scroll below, all done here at Salon Divine.

Each technique has its pro's and con's, it all just depends on what YOU want as a guest, and which technique will enhance your features. All of our stylists are highly trained in Balayage and are constantly attending classes to learn different techniques. If you're still unsure about which technique is best for you, our stylists will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have at our free consultations! -Salon Divine